What is the Ofc. Larry Cox Turkey Trot?

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The Officer Larry Cox 5 K Turkey Trot is the main fundraiser for Southern Ohio Crimestoppers.  The event is held every Thanksgiving Day, and over 800 runners participated in last year’s race.

Larry Cox was an avid runner and a Chillicothe Police Officer.  Ofc. Cox was killed while chasing a robbery suspect, off duty, on April 21, 2005.    Click here for Officer Cox Officer Down Memorial page.

Where Do the registration and sponsorship fees go?

  • Ensures there are sufficient funds to reward substantiated tips.
  • Pays for necessary support services such as the anonymous tip line and website tip support
  • Creates marketing materials to assist in fundraising event efforts, generates awareness and encourages citizen involvement
  • Involves youth in crime prevention through the Student Crime Stoppers Program
  • Sets up classes and workshops to teach people how to better protect themselves and their families from crime.

What your support accomplishes:

  • Honest people replace “informants” as the primary source of information needed to solve cases.
  • Crucial information is willingly provided rather than having to be tracked down.
  • Illegal activities are made less attractive because citizens are not afraid to report crimes.