How it Works

SOCS relies on modern forms of communication from the tipster to Law Enforcement. There are many different ways to give a tip. Phone, text, mobile and online. All information reported to SOCS via these formats are processed by P3 Tips, a leading tip management center. THERE IS NO CALLER ID! This allows the tipster to remain anonymous.


Whats Next?

After you submit the tip, you will receive a code number.  This will be the number used for your tip, and is required to follow up on the  tip status.   To do this, click on the “tip submit” buttonsubmitTipon any page.   At the top of the page find, “click here to follow up on an existing tip”. Click that link. If your tip was the first one received that has the necessary information that lead to an arrest or information necessary to solve a crime, you will be given instructions on how to collect your reward.